These days, so many people are after a hybrid or green car that can get them anywhere they need to go with smooth performance, efficiency and style to match! While some car companies dream of a future filled with self-driving cars and high-performance luxury sports cars, we here at Honda of Illinois believe that the hybrid car is the car of the future, right here in the now, which is why we offer a fantastic Honda hybrid inventory here at our Springfield, IL Honda dealership! Each of these models has some fantastic advancements to offer from the inside and out! Discover yours to day in our inventory here at Honda of Illinois! We are located at 2500 Prairie Crossing in Springfield!

Advanced in More Ways Than One!

The advancements begin underneath the hoods of our hybrid Honda models with their dynamic hybrid systems. Whether it is the Honda Insight, Honda Clarity Plug-in, or Honda Accord Hybrid, our green Honda models bring the future into the present and are powered by a combination of gasoline engines with permanent magnet electric motors. However, each of these hybrid variants is a little bit different as certain models, like the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid utilize a charger cable to charge their lithium ion battery, whereas models like the Honda Accord hybrid simply utilize both the engine and motor to charge the battery continuously. However, you will find that the Honda Clarity is every bit as efficient and it provides a customizable experience, allowing you to switch from "hybrid" mode to "electric-only" mode at your leisure as you drive from Taylorville to Chicago and beyond.

The technological advancements do not stop at the engine, they continue well into the cabin of these Honda hybrid models. Most of these hybrid cars come standard with Honda Sensing® driver-assistive technology, such as Forward Collision Warning, and also come available with some excellent entertainment features including HomeLink®, a Honda navigation System, heated front seats, performance speaker sound system, and Apple CarPlay™.

A New Hybrid Model for Jacksonville!

Take a look at our new inventory and find your next hybrid Honda model here at Honda of Illinois, whether it is the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, Honda Insight, or Honda Accord hybrid! Our Springfield, IL Honda dealership is proudly serving Sherman and our sales team can be reached at (217) 547-0750 to answer any questions you might have. See you soon!

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