Three-row SUVs with second-row captain's chairs are a really popular option in Springfield, IL for smaller families who don't need more than seven seats, and who want to optimize for comfort over just the maximum passenger capacity.

And while there are a few great options out there in Chatham, IL, the new 2018 Honda Pilot should be at the top of your list if you're looking for comfortable travel options for seven.


What are Captain's Chairs?

If you're not a frequent family-car shopper, you may not know what captain's chairs are, and why they exist.

(If you're thinking "Picard" chairs, you might be disappointed).

Most three-row SUVs have two bench-seat rows, both of which seat three passengers, for a total passenger capacity of eight. It gives you the maximum seating, but bench seats aren't as comfortable as dedicated, single-occupancy seats.

That's where captain's chairs come in. For Sherman, IL families who may only have two children--but want the freedom to bring along friends in a pinch--two ergonomically-designed captain's chairs can replace the second-row bench seat.

It limits max seating, but it's more comfortable for your back-seat passengers (especially adult passengers) and it looks nicer, too.


Which 2018 Honda Pilot Trims Offer Captain's Chairs?

Here's the one small downside: as of right now, only the 2018 Honda Pilot Elite offers the second-row captain's chairs. That means if you're looking for ultimate comfort in the middle row, you'll have to upgrade to the top trim level.

We hope to see this feature offered on more trim levels in the coming years as the Honda Pilot continues to be a top choice of Jacksonville, IL and Taylorville families.

The good news, though, is that the 2018 Honda Pilot Elite is fully-loaded with a huge range of great standard features and options, and those captain's chairs? They're heated, with perforated leather upholstery. Talk about riding in style.


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